Interview: Goran Visnjic on ‘Timeless’, His Character and Moving the Show From Vancouver to LA

Visnjic talks about working with the cast, his character and the decision to move the show from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Timeless star, Goran Visnjic, was at WonderCon to talk about the new season of the popular NBC show. The actor, who started off the interview telling the group of interviewers that they had just wrapped the season that morning, chats working with the cast, his character and the decision to move the show from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Goran Visnjic: We just finished at 7:00 AM, three hours ago, but we did finish filming literally at 7:00 AM, like a couple hours.

Did you really?

Goran Visnjic: Yeah. We wrapped at 7:15.

How many hours were you shooting?

Goran Visnjic: 16ish.


Goran Visnjic: Yeah. I had half an hour nap in my trailer, and then I was in a hotel for two hours. I had a two hour nap.

How satisfied to you think that fans will be with the finale?

Goran Visnjic: I think this season is better than last season. The characters are more grounded. The storytelling, it was kind of the willingness of writers to give back to fans in a way. It’s smarter in a way, but it’s more fun.

What is the vibe like on the set for you guys? Is it fun, or is it intense?

Goran Visnjic: As a cast, it’s just fun to work with these guys. It was like that’s why we were able to do until 7:00 AM. We were just a little bit probably annoying first to the First A.D. because we were having too much fun.

It’s like the last day of school sort of thing.

Goran Visnjic: Yeah. We did everything. We accomplished everything that was. That’s it. Good news.

How did you like the decision to move shooting to LA?

Goran Visnjic: Like everything, double edged sword. It’s like some things were better in LA, some things were better in Vancouver.

When we shot the last year’s Jesse James episode, Daniel Lissing, who was playing Jesse James, got sick. He got a crazy bug. We were sitting in a car. He’s sitting in the back, and poor guy’s laying on a bench of a car. I’m like, “Dude, are you okay?” He comes on set. He gets dressed. He goes on a horse. Like, “Guys, he can’t work like this. No way.” So we reshuffle everything. So we push all our scenes for 48 hours. Suddenly, Vancouver is white covered in snow. So we have to shoot those scenes when they travel actually to find that cabin where Emma is, and suddenly the whole episode, we’re horseback riding through the snow. It looked amazing. No production could do that. You needed to have a real snow.

So in LA, that’s not going to happen. We have a lot of California oak, a lot of Star Trek-y, every planet looks the same, but because we don’t have too many episodes and we have great production design and we mask it nice, but Vancouver gave us those changes of a season. LA has great locations in downtown Los Angeles. I mean, you can shoot for so many different locations. Like I said, it was some good things, some bad things.

Being here with the family, that’s pretty cool. Every weekend, you don’t need to fly from Vancouver to LA to see your family. You can just be there. You know? So I think it didn’t change the quality of the show whatsoever. It’s going to look a little bit different, which is also a good thing.

Timeless airs on Sundays at 10pm on NBC

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