Interview: Breckin Meyer, Yvette Nicole Brown and Heidi Gardner Talk ‘SuperMansion’

The three actors talked about voice work, the show and characters and more!

Breckin Meyer, Yvette Nicole Brown and Saturday Night Live‘s Heidi Gardner were at WonderCon to talk about the latest season of Crackle’s Emmy-nominated stop-motion animated series, SuperMansion. 

The three actors talked about voice work, the show and characters and more!

Heidi, did anything in particular inform your voice for Cooch? 

Heidi Gardner: It was just me grasping at straws trying to be funny.

Yvette Nicole Brown: And succeeding. And so succeeding.

Heidi Gardner: I was really trying to annoy Zeb, it was probably just a ploy for attention.

Coming into the third season, do you feel like the show is finding its stride now?

Heidi Gardner: Well, I feel like what Zeb was just saying earlier, that by this season he feels confident that he can kind of do whatever he wants with the show. Like the bigger ideas having a show that, yes, it’s a comedy, but can have those really dramatic superhero elements, and have a lot of action, the stop motion is so good and drama. So I think he is feeling more free and capable to put all of this into an episode in this season.

Is there any jokes that you felt like crossed the line here and surprised you they made it in?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I’m pretty PG-13 as a human being, like I’m very, you see my dress buttoned all the way up to my throat. So, I’ve been constantly shocked at what this show is able to get away with.

It’s freeing for me because I’ve never done anything or said the things that I say on this show and I can get away with it because it’s not face, so it’s okay. But, yeah, I’ve been constantly shocked. Shocked.

How much actual time does it take to do an episode?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I’ve done all of mine at once, and I’ve never recorded with anyone. It’s just me and whoever’s directing that episode. Maybe Zed will be in there, um so I’m getting piecemeal of everything. I even do all of my Porsche stuff and then all of my Zenith. So I don’t even do the same episode, I bounce between the two of them so when I see the show it’s like oh that’s what’s happening.

Heidi Gardner: I usually do two episodes at once, which takes like an hour and a half to two hours. And I’ve only one time, because I think I did something wrong, had another actor in there with me.

But ah sometimes I will have the directors read some of the lines back and forth with me, just I don’t know it feels better.

Breckin Meyer: For the most part the same, where I go in and usually record two or three at a time. And it’s just me, it’s just Courtney and the whole job is to make Zeb or Nick laugh in the glass box. And if we do that then hopefully then it’s funny enough for the show.

Check out SuperMansion now on Crackle!

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