Sundance 2012: Celeste and Jesse Forever- A Romantic Comedy with a Twist


Written by Sofia Gian

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PARK CITY — Celeste and Jessie Forever may sound like a romantic comedy, but this movie isn’t. It’s a story about a separated couple, Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jessie (Andy Samburg) and the relationship between the two post break-up. Written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, the film is full of laughs and keeps the film light even in difficult situations.  

Celeste is a power executive that is successful in every area in her life except for love. After being married to Jessie for a couple of years, they call it quits but decide to remain the best of friends, spending most of their time together like a married couple. This angers their friends who can’t seem to understand why they haven’t moved on. So when Jeesie’s friend convinces him to start dating again, that’s when it starts to get complicated for Celeste and Jesse “friendship relationship”.

Exploring the question, “Can you ever just be friends with your ex?”, the audience is taken through a emotional rollercoster. Celeste is torn between finding love and fighting for the love she once had. Jesse has moved on, with another woman. As a result, Celeste’s character journeys through a process of self-discovery finally balancing the person she is and the person that she wants to be – and figuring out what is important in a relationship and what is worth fighting for.

Pros – Jones plays Celeste perfectly and it’s a delight to see Samburg in a less comedic role. The relationship between Jones and Samburg is highly believable and just outright sweet.

Cons – The subplot of a young pop star (Emma Roberts) who leads Celeste to contemplate her actions towards others, could have been made stronger.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is a light film and you will enjoy the laughs from both Jones and Samburg.


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