Carey Mulligan: Singing ‘New York, New York’ in the film ‘Shame’ “was probably more nerve-racking than nudity”


Carey Mulligan, who is catching alot of attention these days for her role in the Steve McQueen directed movie Shame with Michael Fassbender, recently shared with 24 Frames that baring it all on the big screen wasn’t such a big deal.  “I wasn’t uncomfortable being naked. For other roles, it may be inappropriate, but for this, I felt like it was right for the part.”

One of the scenes in question shows Mulligan in the shower as she portrays Cissy, the sister of Fassbender, who is a sex addict in the film.  “It was a very small set and a very small crew, so it didn’t feel like I was doing it in front of that many people. And Michael is so engaging when you act with him … I felt like I was just in the room with him,” she said.

Initially “begging” McQueen for the role, Mulligan admits, it was singing New York, New York that was “actually probably more nerve-racking than the nudity. Yeah, that was scary. We did about 15 takes because [Steve] wanted it live.”   Shame will make it into theaters December 2nd 2011.

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  1. That song is a classic. It’s tricky, because the Sinatra rendition of the song is just burned into the public’s consciousness, so invariably, she’s going to be compared against that standard. I understand her concerns.

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