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Josh Brolin: “I’ve had every worst nightmare come true. In a good way, in hindsight”

"I always feel the pressure to perform, and to utilize my imagination, and whatever skill that I have." - Josh Brolin

Alden Ehrenreich on Trying to “Absorb” Young Harrison Ford in the Early ‘Star Wars’ Films

Enrenreich speaks about what Ford told him about playing Han Solo and what he took from watching Ford's performance in the original films.

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Ross Marquand on his ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Role (Spoilers!)

"I had gotten the breakdown, and I said, “Okay, let’s go over this a million times.” - Ross Marquand

Joaquin Phoenix on Acting: “Don’t overthink it, let it be what it is”

"If you keep trying to find what’s unique in the moment, then the danger is that you miss that very thing.” - Joaquin Phoenix

Allison Janney on Her Oscar-Winning ‘I, Tonya’ Role: “It was my challenge to bring her to life without judging her”

"I like to play these roles where people... are inspired to want to act. I want to change their lives." - Allison Janney

How Richard Jenkins Unsuccessful Early Years as an Actor Led Him to Where He is Today

"Acting for me is something that is difficult, it’s complicated, and yet it’s very simple. It’s a strange thing." - Richard Jenkins

Charlie Day on Reprising His Role in ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ and the Benefits of Writing for Himself

"By the time you finish writing an episode you know so thoroughly what you’re going for that you don’t have to do as much work as an actor" - Charlie Day

Joaquin Phoenix on the Struggles That He Has as an Actor

"There’s not one approach. It depends on the scene" - Joaquin Phoenix

David Oyelowo: “You sort of need to pummel and plow away for longer, as a black actor, to get a degree of fame”

"I have concerns, I have hopes, you know, and that’s what you want to see in a character.” - David Oyelowo

Holly Hunter: “An actor’s career is in a constant state of metamorphosis”

"Acting is a tremendously insecurity-making profession. I always feel insecure and I always feel confident. They’re slammed up against each other and it’s a constant balancing act." - Holly Hunter

Sam Rockwell on Acting, Choosing Roles and One of His First Auditions, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

"I think the thing about acting is, on any given day, we are certain aspects of ourselves" - Sam Rockwell

‘Call Me By Your Name’ Star Timothée Chalamet: “What scares me is being boring”

"At a certain point I was able to come to grips with the idea to just 'be.'" - Timothée Chalamet

‘Phantom Thread’ Star Lesley Manville: “It’s so easy to make someone bad look good on film. In theatre, there’s no hiding place”

"Filming is different. You’re getting a moment right. You can go in and create something very good, very quickly. That’s a different challenge to having five, six weeks to rehearse a play.” - Lesley Manville

Chadwick Boseman on ‘Black Panther’ and How He Refocused His Career

"As soon as I came to L.A., things immediately shifted for me." - Chadwick Boseman

‘Downsizing’ Director Alexander Payne on Casting: “I love having my mind blown”

"She can do it all on take one. It was as clear as the nose on our faces." - Director Alexander Payne on Hong Chau

Casting Director Bonnie Timmermann on Trusting Your Instincts

"No one wants to be rejected. But if people reject you then that means it’s not the right fit for you" - Casting Director Bonnie Timmermann

Paul Thomas Anderson on Daniel Day-Lewis: “We’re all just trying to get it right”

When asked if he treats Day-Lewis different from other actors that he works with, Anderson answered

Adam Driver: “Basically, the only thing I try to do is know my lines”

"I never figure anything out. I do my job. That’s my goal, to be as economical as possible." - Adam Driver

Bryan Cranston, Robert Pattinson and Armie Hammer on Working with Others

"You know, it’s not imperative that you get along with your co-stars; it’s like your in-laws — it just makes things easier" - Bryan Cranston