A ‘Lost’ Audition?

Walking into an audition with confidence is great! Leaving with confidence is even better - until you find out you you had a minor wardrobe malfunction.

Whenever my phone rings and I see that its my agent, I immediately go through two emotions, I’m happy (I’ve booked something or have an audition) or I think I’ve done something wrong. Oddly enough, I get the same feeling when my parents call me. Yes, I know I may need therapy.

In this case though, it was good news. I had an audition with a great casting director; April Webster Casting. This has got to be one of the biggest casting offices around. They cast Lost and nearly all of JJ Abrams projects. To do a good job at this audition would mean that I could get on their radar.

The audition was for the TNT show, Dark Blue. The part wasn’t huge but I still worked on it like it was. I wasn’t going to screw-up this opportunity. Even if I end up not being right for the part, I’m going in there to make them a fan of my work.

That next afternoon, I drove to Burbank; going over the scenes the whole time. I walked into the office, signed in and immediately saw a taped piece of paper with “LOST Auditions: Sign In Here” emblazoned on it.

Now I got nervous. I started to imagine Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) standing in the exact place I was oh-so-many years ago.

I paced the office lobby, breathing deep trying to quell my nerves.

Minutes later, the casting director comes out and calls my name, “Lance, are you ready?”

I follow her back to the office and close the door.

“Any questions?” she asks.

“Nope, seems pretty straight forward.”

We do the scene and I was the best “INSERT NAME OF CHARACTER IN SCRIPT DESIGNED TO MOVE THE PLOT FORWARD” I could have been. In fact, I kinda think I did great.

I may not get the part but I left happy with my choices knowing that at some point, I’ll be called in again for a future audition.

And as I’m walking to my car, I reach down in my pocket to grab my car keys when I finally notice it.

My zipper was down for the whole audition.


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