James Brolin Still Gets Typecast

"I'm always stuck in the more straight roles, you know." - James Brolin

James Brolin is 69 and he still gets typecast. But whats great is that the veteran actor is trying to break free and that.

On doing his first comedy in years:
“I’m always stuck in the more straight roles, you know. Of course, every time you do it, it sets in concrete for the next role. `Oh, I saw him in that, he’s really good at that.’ … But that’s what I did the last 10 times. What about doing some bizarre, offbeat stuff? And now to be in this, around a bunch of groomed comedians, was really great in opening me up in public … and starting to be a little off the wall. I want to do more. I only hope this opens the doors to that before I conclude my career.”

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