‘Blair Witch’ Actress Heather Donahue Recounts Hazy Days in New Memoir


Heather-Donahue-GrowGirl-How-My-Life-After-The-Blair-Witch-Project-Went-to-PotBack in 1999, Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue disappeared from the limelight just as quickly as she had arrived. As she details in her new memoir, GrowGirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot, Donahue had greener pastures on her mind when she steered away from what could have been a successful Hollywood career.

“I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all,” the 27-year-old actress recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “The acting projects I was lucky enough to work on weren’t always things that I felt good about putting out into the world. I wanted to change my life, see what else was out there for me, what else I might become.”

Then, she moved in with her boyfriend and started growing pot with him for a living – they were two peas in a pot. Donahue later lived in Nuggettown, California for a year, spending almost the entire time building grow rooms and caring for her crops with other like-minded northern Californians. She eventually gave up the trade when a fellow grower got busted by the feds.

Donahue rose to fame after portraying a lost hiker in Blair Witch, an independent horror film that was the runaway hit of 1999 after grossing nearly $250 million on a six-figure budget, but hasn’t appeared in a movie or on television since 2008. Perhaps Kal Penn and John Cho are looking for a third wheel for Harold & Kumar 4?

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