Category: Actor Tips

How Josh Brolin Prepares for a Role

"You gather all of the information and look at it all, and panic, and then you start to slowly build this character." - Josh Brolin

Jeff Daniels’ Agents Tried to Stop Him from Doing ‘Dumb & Dumber’

"I would tell [my younger self] not to let the business kill the love for why you got into it." - Jeff Daniels' on Advice for Actors

Casting Directors Share Their Do’s and Don’ts

Some Casting Directors Do's: Common Sense, Respect for the Space, and Leaving Props at Home

Krysten Ritter on Her Most Challenging Scenes and the “Science” of Arriving on Time

"If you don't have anything going on in your head, you're not interesting to watch" - Krysten Ritter

Giancarlo Esposito on How He Creates a Character

"I get a [blank] book for every character that I do, and start to write out what some of his traits might be" - Giancarlo Esposito on Creating a Character

Alfred Molina: “I’ve never, ever, ever… come off stage feeling successful”

"Get in, do your thing, and get out like you have somewhere better to be." - Alfred Molina's Audition Advice

Jenna Fischer’s Acting Advice and the Number One Thing Actors Should Do for Their Career

"Part of the test of becoming a working actor is being able to be resilient and work through those road blocks in whatever way you can." - Jenna Fischer

Joaquin Phoenix on Acting: “Don’t overthink it, let it be what it is”

"If you keep trying to find what’s unique in the moment, then the danger is that you miss that very thing.” - Joaquin Phoenix

How Richard Jenkins Unsuccessful Early Years as an Actor Led Him to Where He is Today

"Acting for me is something that is difficult, it’s complicated, and yet it’s very simple. It’s a strange thing." - Richard Jenkins

Sam Rockwell: “People like to have labels for actors and, the truth is, every actor is a character actor”

"I think in every character, you're finding a version of yourself." - Sam Rockwell

Joaquin Phoenix on the Struggles That He Has as an Actor

"There’s not one approach. It depends on the scene" - Joaquin Phoenix

Malcolm McDowell: “You’re only ever one phone call away from the part that will change your life”

"Comedy is just telling the truth. It’s the situation really that’s comedic. So really, it’s just finding the timing of that, which is where the laughs are." - Malcolm McDowell

Casting Director Bonnie Timmermann on Trusting Your Instincts

"No one wants to be rejected. But if people reject you then that means it’s not the right fit for you" - Casting Director Bonnie Timmermann

Jeff Daniels on ‘Godless’, Not Doing Research and Mixing Things Up in His Career

"Frank doesn’t know he’s in a Western, so I just tried to figure out what Frank was thinking and when he was thinking it" - Jeff Daniels on 'Godless'

Daveed Diggs on the Advice He Would Give His Younger Self

"I think I’m getting to be selective about the things I’m working on because I’m pretty confident in who I am." - Daveed Diggs

‘Game of Thrones’ Casting Director Nina Gold: “I love discovering unknown actors”

"Personally, I'm not interested in casting the most perfectly beautiful woman or someone who ticks all the boxes of what a person is 'supposed' to look like." - Casting Director Nina Gold

Watch: Equity’s “How To” Self-Tape Guide

Equity UK has released this video filled with tips on how to make your self-tape videos look more professional.

Benedict Cumberbatch on “Failing” as an Actor: “If you can’t fail, you can never get better”

"I don’t think I had the full tool kit to do it justice." - Benedict Cumberbatch on One of the Times He's Felt Lost Doing a Role