The 3 ‘C’s of How to Audition and Book the Job: Craft, Confidence and Contribution

As actors we all want to know the secret to giving great auditions and booking more work.

written by Benson Simmonds

As actors we all want to know the secret to giving great auditions and booking more work.

I’d like to begin a series for Daily Actor readers to help you jump start the career of your dreams. So let’s begin by explaining the 3 “C”s of auditioning well.

Of course most of us would agree that we all need to work on our CRAFT, to understand how to personalize the characters we audition for and “make it our own”. That means not going in with an “idea” of who the character is but finding a way to parallel the characters needs with those of your own. As a longtime student of Ivana Chubbuck, I’ve incorporated her techniques with my own to help actors with script analysis. Because you can’t personalize your audition script without knowing how to figure out your character’s objective, meaning what you need from the other character in the scene. But that’s only the beginning and craft, though, essential is often not enough to audition well and book the part.  We need to have CONFIDENCE. Of course confidence comes in part from knowing your craft. But I’ve coached so many actors and students and whether we’re doing an in-person, skype or phone coaching, there were so many times that I could sense the fear in the actors. These were and are good actors who understand their craft. They were and are actors who could easily have a very good film and TV career and even carry playing the lead in a series. But they let their fear get in the way of simply having fun and enjoying their audition. This led me to do a lot of research and it eventually prompted me to write a spiritual handbook called Soular Power which is soon to be published.There’s also a bonus section in my MASTER YOUR AUDITION video called Becoming a Soular Powered Actor.

I believe we all have both an ego and a soul consciousness. Our ego is that drive within us that is based on fear, lack and limitation. Our soul is a drive that is based on infinite joy, love and expansion. The ego is constantly telling us that we’re not enough, that there is never enough and there will never be enough. Sound like a familiar voice inside your head? We also have our soul which is a drive based on infinite joy, love and expansion. The soul tells you that you are enough and celebrates who you are and …this is the important part….how you can CONTRIBUTE.

So the first way to begin to gain confidence at your auditions is to choose to shift into your soular power by focusing on HOW YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE when you walk into the audition room. You ego voice fills you with dread and thoughts of how much you need them to love and approve of you. That need pushes you to fear doing a bad job, forgetting your lines, caring and focusing more on what they think of you than focusing on your character and getting your character’s objective in the scene.

One of the best ways to begin to focus on contribution is look at the audition as a chance to share your craft and have some fun, regardless of what they might think of you. It’s the attitude of “hey, here I am and this is what I worked on and this is what I want to share with you” vs. the ego approach which is “I hope you like me, please tell me I’m a good actor and make me feel like I’m good enough”. The ego approach puts so much pressure on you that it often becomes hard to just go in and have fun.

To help you shift out of ego and into your SOULAR power, use this simple but incredibly powerful tool!

ASK yourself the following question:
WHAT ARE 5 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF AS ACTOR?  and (What are 5 things I love about myself as a person?)

Just start to have fun and list OUT LOUD the things you LOVE about yourself as an actor.  For example, “I love my sense of humor”, “I love my emotional vulnerability”, “I love my passion”, “I love my ability to be in the moment and work off the reader/casting director”. “I love that I work hard on my craft”. “I love drive and my integrity”. “I love my simplicity”. “I love my great character face”. “I love that I always make strong, personal choices”. “I love that I throw myself 100% into my characters”, etc. etc. etc

By using this powerful tool BEFORE an audition and EVERY DAY, you will begin to know exactly what you CONTRIBUTE when you walk into the audition room. Not only is the exercise lots of fun to do daily but it will start to give you CONFIDENCE when you audition because you will know specifically what you CONTRIBUTE every time you walk into the audition room. By focusing on your gifts, you also connect to your SOULAR POWER, because your soul celebrates your divine gifts as a person and an actor while your ego finds ways to make you feel like you aren’t enough, which YOU ARE! Remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH all the time, before, during and after auditions and in every moment.

Please try this technique and feel free to write me at masteryouraudition@gmail. Also, come to my website ( and register your email to get more FREE VIDEO TIPS AND SECRETS on how to audition your best.

All the best and blessings, Benson

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