How to Get the Most From Your Acting Class

Here are a few ways you can get the most from your acting class!

Attending an acting school in NYC can be an exciting start toward your fun, creative career as an actor, actress, or director. However, acting school can inevitably be expensive, so it’s crucial you take advantage of the program in its entirety. Here are a few ways you can get the most from your upcoming acting class, from planning out what you’re going to wear to having fun in the program!

Plan What You’re Going to Wear Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to get the most out of your acting class is by being comfortable, especially in the clothes you’re wearing. Instead of trying to put on your Sunday best, you should stick to comfy clothes that you can move around in, such as athletic wear. This way, from warm-ups to acting exercises, you can move around comfortably and feel stress-free of what you’re wearing.

Remember Why You Want to Attend the Class

There’s no doubt that you’re going to feel nervous about taking your first acting class. However, it doesn’t mean you can let your nerves get the best of you and avoid taking the program. If you’re feeling really stressed out about taking an acting class, remind yourself why you want to act or direct in the first place, and get yourself pumped up for your acting experience!

Talk to Yourself in a Mirror Reflection

Although it may seem silly to do, if you’re scared about acting in front of other people, consider practicing by talking to yourself in a mirror reflection. This will also help you nail different expressions and perfect the way you speak in front of large crowds. If you’re still having trouble, also consider reaching out to the acting teacher before class and try a few different methods to build your confidence.

Open Yourself Up

Closing yourself off to your class is the worst thing you can do when attending an acting school in New York City. Shutting yourself down will prevent you from taking advantage of improving your acting skills with other fellow performers. Instead, try different exercises to keep yourself open, such as saying hello to strangers walking down the street and making light conversation with people you may not regularly do. Since an acting class can sometimes feel awkward, it’s essential you work on becoming a more open person to excel in the craft.

Ready Yourself to Learn New Breathing Exercises

Most acting classes start off with warm-up exercises involving breathing exercises. These techniques will help you control anxiety, which you’ll deal a lot with as an actor or actress. Before starting your program, consider researching and practicing breathing and relaxing exercises so that you can show off your expertise during class time. Plus, it will help you become a better actor, and generally less anxious person.

Don’t be Scared to Show Off Your Skills

Not every actor is full of confidence that they show on-stage or on-screen. In fact, many professional actors can be incredibly shy and have a hard time performing in front of others, especially in new experiences. However, overcoming your fear and being able to show off your skills is all part of being a better performer. During your acting class, it’s crucial you don’t let fear take over, and instead focus on showing off some of your skills. Even when you’re not in class, take time to practice in front of family or merely walking down the street. Although you may think it awkward to show off your skills in public, you’d be surprised what kind of opportunities could be waiting for you.

Be Ready to Work On Your Own or In a Group

Teamwork is an integral part of acting, after all, everyone has their part! However, you’ll occasionally have to work on your own, so it’s essential you know how to work individually and keep yourself motivated. Even more so, it’s crucial you know how to work in a group setting and be comfortable opening yourself up to people you might not know. Doing so will help you perform better in your acting class and get a better experience from the program.

Be Present in Class

The worst thing you can do in acting class is to be somewhere else (mentally). Distracting yourself with other thoughts during a script reading or exercise can bog down your performance among other class members. Worrying about exams is for homework time. During acting class, you should be present, only worrying about your lines, your performance, and the director.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Making mistakes isn’t the end of the world, you’re expected to screw up, it’s all part of becoming a better performer. Putting yourself down while making mistakes during your acting class can cause you to become distracted and filled with regret for taking the class. Instead, the next time you make a mistake, take a deep breath and learn what not to do.

Be Emotional

Acting is all about being in touch with your emotions, not being in touch with them can become a severe problem. Although some actors can get deeply involved in the scene and cry or get angry, if anything, that’s the best thing you can do! When taking your acting class, be ready to express your emotions and don’t assume any gender stereotypes about the different ways you’re “supposed to be emotional.”

Keep Yourself Familiar with Improv

Improvisation is a popular acting technique that you should keep yourself familiar with before and during your acting class. Not only should you know how this drama method works, but also how you can comfortably integrate it into your own performance (director willing, of course).

Be Comfortable with Your Own Voice

Your voice is one of the most essential tools you can have and will be used consistently throughout acting classes. It’s not only crucial that you’re comfortable using your own voice, but also how to use it well in your performance. Fortunately, your acting teacher will be able to help you discover your voice and use it to the best of your ability. However, you can also do so on your own, such as recording your own voice, talking to yourself in a mirror, and trying different tones or accents.

Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember while attending an acting school in New York City is to have fun! Although it can be nerve-racking to perform in front of other people, especially those you don’t know, stay positive and have fun with what you do. Just remember, everyone else in your class is just as scared but is there to learn from each other and improve as a group. Instead of worrying about how you act, take advantage of every lesson during your program and ignore any negative thoughts you may be having.

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that you should try talking to yourself in a mirror. I’m wanting to take an acting class. I’ll have to look into finding the best one in the area.

  2. Method Acting

    One of the best ways to hone your skills in theatre is to join an acting college in London and get involved in some productions. Acting classes teach you how to adapt to changing situations allowing for more flexibility and adaptability when posed with problems in the real world.

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