5 Things You Know (Even If You Don’t Know You Know)

Here’s 5 things you know about (but sometimes forget)

Written by Anthony Meindl

Part of life is about owning up to the fact that we know more than we think we do.

We’re sometimes not aware of our inner-knowing because we’ve spent a lot of time playing outer roles in life (the dumb blonde, the slacker, the jock, the weirdo) that often got us what we wanted in the short-term, but in the long-term robbed us of the deeper, more connected and empowered truth of who we are. The truth that we do actually know more than we let on.

So, here’s 5 of what you know (but sometimes forget) in 2012.

1). Know Your Self-Worth

How can you ever know what you deserve in life if you don’t have a sense of self? And how can you ever ask for what you need if your sense of worth is too low to allow yourself to ask?

2). Know Your Value

This may sound similar because it does have to do with the intrinsic sense of self. But I’m also talking about how your value shows up in the outside world. Look at how much value you bring to people without you even realizing it? Certainly, in your family and friendships and jobs, but also in the seemingly inconsequential events that occur every day: you smile at your neighbor, you ask a stranger how they’re doing, you take the time to really listen to someone. Your value is in who you are. Not in what you do. 

3). Know That Real Supporters In Your Life May Bend You But They Don’t Want To Break You

Simply, you don’t have time for people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. The people who wish to break your spirit for some inexplicable reason? You don’t have time to sit there and try to figure them out. Why do they do it? Who knows? Who cares? Life’s too short. Move on.

4). Know When You’ve Got The Lesson

How many times do you say to yourself, “Well, rats! I’ve been here before. And I didn’t like it in 1987 and I like it even less now!” If you got the lesson once, there’s no reason to repeat it again, except that you’re a sadomasochist and enjoy the pain! Then you should revisit #1.

5). Know When Enough Is Enough

We compromise our ideals and principles. We let others poison our thoughts. We listen to the junk truck depositing negative thoughts and we subject ourselves to it because we think we have to. Know where your line is and be willing to not cross it this year. No matter what.

“Don’t just talk about it. Do it.” ~ Richard Dreyfus

Anthony Meindl
is an award-winning writer, producer, director and actor whose first feature screenplay, THE WONDER GIRLS, was the Grand Prize Winning Feature Screenplay in the Slamdance Film Festival Screenplay Competition in 2007. Prior to this accomplishment, Meindl was responsible for the production of an array of award-winning projects. His background in acting, training, and performance has afforded him the opportunity to create what has become a thriving artist community in Los Angeles.


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