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Watch: Linda Cardellini’s ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Audition

Yesterday, seventeen years ago, the short-lived but acclaimed television series Freaks and Geeks aired its first of only 18 episodes

Watch: Mark Hamill’s Audition for ‘Star Wars’

In this audition clip, an extremely young-looking Hamill is a little soft-spoken as he auditions opposite Harrison Ford.

Watch: Evangeline Lilly’s Audition for ‘Lost’

Lilly's confidence in her performance is a clear highlight here, and the performance by the relatively unknown actress won over producers

Watch: SAG Conversations with Rami Malek of ‘Mr. Robot’

Rami Malek discusses landing the role and how the success of 'Mr. Robot' has changed the way he acts and his career.

Watch: Beyoncé Knowles Audition and Screen Test for ‘Dreamgirls’

Check out Beyonce's audition and screen test for 'Dreamgirls'.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Tom Hiddleston of ‘The Night Manager’

Hiddleston chats about the finer points of playing Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier.

Watch: Brad Pitt’s Awkward 1990 Interview

The twenty-six year-old Pitt gave an interview dressed like the brand-new decade of the 1990s threw up all over him.

Watch: Keegan-Michael Key Explains Why “Improv actors are at war together”

Check out Key's points on why it's so important for improv actors to have each others' backs in the clip above.

Watch: SAG Conversation with Caitriona Balfe of ‘Outlander’

Balfe talks about the challenges of starring 'Outlander' and what she enjoys about starring in it.

Watch: Drama Actor Roundtable With Rami Malek, Paul Giamatti and More

The actors talk about career mistakes, the lines that they won’t cross and the parts they’d love to land

Watch: Drama Actress Emmy Roundtable with Kerry Washington, Julianna Margulies and More

Kirsten Dunst, Julianna Margulies, Sarah Paulson, Regina King and Constance Zimmer chat about careers, working in TV, their characters and more.

Billy Bob Thorton Recalls His Life as a Young, Struggling Actor

"My advice to anybody who wants to do whatever it is with their life is don't ever let your dreams die because that's what keeps an artist alive" - Billy Bob Thorton

Watch: SAG Conversations with Christopher Meloni

Meloni talks about his entire career working in both drama and comedy. It's a fascinating discussion about the career of a true journeyman actor at work.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Helen Mirren

The nearly hour-long interview spans Mirren's entire career, encompassing her work on both stage and screen.

Adam Driver’s Ted Talk: His Time in the Marines and Becoming an Actor

"Self-expression is just as powerful a tool as having a rifle on your shoulder" - Adam Driver

Watch: Jack Gleeson Nailed His King Joffrey ‘Game of Thrones’ Audition

Gleeson can change in and out of character is startling. First he's asked to say a line as a typical teenager, and then he's asked to repeat it as a villain.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Jeff Daniels

Daniels got his start on the stage and he has been appearing on Broadway stages since the late 1970s.

Actor Enlists People on the Street to Help Him Improvise a Movie Trailer

The first half of the video is devoted to Walsh recruiting people for his project, while the second half shows the actual trailer.

Watch: Megan Fox’s Audtion for ‘Transformers’

This is a clip from Megan Fox's audition for 'Transformers', her first major starring role.

Watch: This ‘Games of Thrones’ Audition Tape Will Show You Exactly Why These Actors Were Cast

These audition tapes, which include actors Natalie Dormer, Gwendoline Christie, Rose Leslie, are then cut to show the actual scenes from the show.