The Guild’s Felicia Day: “Sustaining an Audience with a Web Series is an Impossible Task”

Felicia Day may make it look easy with her popular Web series, online gaming comedy The Guild, but as she explained in a recent interview, there’s a lot more than being funny that goes into the equation of running a successful online series.

Sustaining an audience with a Web series is an impossible task. You’re starting a company and the video is just one piece of your offering,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “You have to have a start-up mind, you have to think about the Web design, the trailers, your social networking sites; you need to make sure that you’re consistent, you need to have marketing materials at all times.”

The Guild, which entered its fifth season Thursday, chronicles Day’s character’s obsession with online gaming. The 32-year-old actress also recently launched a new Web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, an offshoot of the real-life Dragon Age II video game.  

“You have to hit harder in order to be able to be spread on the Internet, because you’re not going to hit 2 million people at once like you’re on television. You’re going to hit whoever you can get access to,” she continued. “It’s all about consistency. It’s challenging for the traditional sort of marketing approach; we invent whatever we can to get our audience.”

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