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Walton Goggins on Making It in Hollywood and His First Job as an Actor

"I actually got my first job after being here for one week — a role opposite Billy Crystal in Mr. Saturday Night." - Walton Goggins

Q & A: Justified’s Walton Goggins: “One of my greatest fears as an actor is apathy”

Walton talks Justified, acting and what he learned from Quentin Tarantino on Django Unchained

Walton Goggins Talks ‘Justified’ and Career Beginnings: “I never subscribed to the notion that I needed to be starving to be an artist”

At the end of the day, Walton Goggins knows he’s lucky. He has a choice role on FX’s Justified and has had the spare time to pop up in award-winning movies like Django Unchained and Lincoln.

Walton Goggins: “An actor that tells you that they have real choices between material is, for the most part, lying”

Walton Goggins is best known for playing bad guys, like Justified’s Boyd Crowder and The Shield’s Shane Vendrell, but the actor doesn’t want everyone to think he’s some sort of criminal.