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John Krasinski Remembers His Almost Disastrous Audition for ‘The Office’

At the audition, Krasinski he was a bit too honest about his love of the original UK version of 'The Office'

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Star Ellie Kemper on Her Former Improv Teacher Jon Hamm and Audition for ‘The Office’

"In terms of playing Kimmy's naive side, there is always a danger of that being grating or obnoxious for people to watch," Kemper says.

Q & A: Rainn Wilson Talks ‘Backstrom’: “I’ve never worked as hard in my life”

Wilson talks about Backstrom, playing a new character and the difference in preparing as a lead in a 60-minute procedural versus a 30-minute sitcom.

Watch: Oscar Nominee Steve Carell Talks Improv, Auditioning for ‘The Office’ and ‘Foxcatcher’

Carell talks about his entire career as an actor, including his background in improv, how he landed the Michael Scott role on The Office, and Foxcatcher

Steve Carell on ‘The Way, Way Back’ and Playing the “Straight Man”

Steve Carell didn’t always know he was going to be a comedic actor. “I wasn’t a class clown, I never developed this comedic flair as a kid,” he said.

Craig Robinson on ‘This Is The End’, Playing a “Heightened” Version of Himself and Saying Goodbye to ‘The Office’

Darryl on The Office is a perfect example of a character whose role on a show expanded as the actor portraying him, Craig Robinson, got increasingly famous. Thankfully there wasn't anything wrong with that -- Robinson's Darryl was one of the best characters on the show because Robinson himself is a very funny guy.

Jenna Fischer on Why She’s Doing Theater After ‘The Office’ Finale: “My heart wouldn’t allow me to step into another television show”

So life after The Office begins for its principal cast, like Jenna Fischer, who had been with the show for the entirety of its nine-year run. For Fischer "life after" starts with her New York theater debut at the strictly limited engagement world premiere of Reasons to Be Happy, a play by Neil LaBute, which runs through the end of June at the Lucille Lortel Theatre

Ed Helms on ‘The Hangover’ and ‘The Office’ Ending: “You realize if you stayed on the rollercoaster you’d probably get hurt or sick or something”

May has been a month of endings for Ed Helms. First came the series finale of The Office, a show he has been starring in since 2007.

Q & A: John Krasinski Talks the End of ‘The Office’, His Audition, Past Commercials and More

John on the end of 'The Office': "It’s a life-changing event and there’s just no way to describe it"

Here’s the Original Casting Sheet for ‘The Office’

The Office filmed its final scene this past weekend and as a gift, casting director Allison Jones gave Rainn Wilson one very cool gift.

John Krasinski on the End of ‘The Office’: “No one would have known my name if it wasn’t for the show”

Once an actor has starred in a television series for a number of years it gets a bit difficult to see the actor in other roles -- not just for audiences, but also for those who handle casting. Case in point, I saw John Krasinski in a movie this year in which he was essentially playing his Jim Halpert character from The Office with a different name. That's not exactly the type of role that helps an actor grow.

Why did Mindy Kaling leave ‘The Office’ to create ‘The Mindy Project’? “I really wanted to act more”

Mindy Kaling has become the It-girl for comedy writing in television. Now that her show, The Mindy Project (which she created, stars in, writes for, and executive produces) has aired, it’s no wonder the girl is busy.

Q&A: Showrunner Greg Daniels Gives the Details on the Final Season of ‘The Office’

Daniels talks about wrapping up storylines, finding out about the documentary crew and if Steve Carell will return

James Spader Leaving “The Office” After Just One Season

James Spader will clock out of The Office for the final time at the end of the hit NBC sitcom’s eighth season.

James Spader Joins “The Office”

James Spader made an appearance in The Office’s eighth season finale as a businessman vying for the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s regional manager position left empty by the exit of star Steve Carrell, and he must have had one hell of an interview. He officially joined the cast of the show this week although he will play the CEO of Dunder Mifflin parent company Sabre instead of a middle manager. “James will reprise his role as Robert California, this uber-salesman that has a power to convince and manipulate, like a high-class weirdo Jedi warrior,” reported Office executive producer Paul ... Read more

Rainn Wilson on “Super” and the future of Dwight

"It’s every conceivable color – an actors dream role."

When Will Ferrell visits “The Office” he may decide to stay awhile

"That's a very distinct possibility. It's looking good!"

With Steve Carell exiting “The Office” big names are jumping on board the hit sitcom

With Carell's final episode scheduled for late April, several high-profile actors have expressed interest is appearing on the NBC series.