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Watch: Casting Directors Chat About the Nominated Spirit Awards Films They Cast

The casting directors are asked how they cast their projects, where they locate new talent, and their thoughts on making casts more diverse.

Casting Directors Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee on Chadwick Boseman, Discovering Jennifer Lawrence and Helping Actors Realize Their Dreams

There are tons of articles out there for actors learn effective ways to crack into the entertainment business, but other jobs in the industry are a well-kept secret. Now, two casting directors are offering their advice to learn their trade. Paul Schnee and Kerry Barden, who cast the James Brown biopic Get On Up, give some insider tricks to the casting business. Barden advised that it is important to understand actors. “Most of the people in my office started from acting so we have a good idea of what actors are going through,” he said. The duo had to cast ... Read more