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Watch: Conversations with Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart of ‘Bleed for This’

Teller and Eckhart speak about preparing to portray a boxer and his trainer in this inspirational comeback story.

Miles Teller: “Look, it’s tough when you’re a young actor. People aren’t really seeing the career that you’re going to carve out”

"I knew it was time for me to kind of evolve. Look, nobody tells you that. You just have to say now's the time." - Miles Teller

Miles Teller on Character Research and How He Chooses Roles

“I don’t want to play a character. If I’m going to do something dramatic, I want it to be inspired. I want it to be passionate" - Miles Teller

Trailer: ‘Fantastic Four’ Starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara & Jamie Bell

Fantastic Four is a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Director: Josh Trank Screenplay: Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg & Josh Trank Cast: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell In Theaters: August 7, 2015, in 3D

Miles Teller is Ready to Show Audiences his True Acting Chops in ‘Whiplash’

Miles Teller is one of hottest young male actors in film today. With the Fantastic Four reboot already in the can, Teller is currently doing press for his latest drama, Whiplash. The film centers around the young actor playing a jazz drummer who is dealing with a manipulative teacher played by J.K. Simmons. Teller talked about how challenging the role was for him while giving high praise to director Damien Chazelle. He said, “I’ve had directors who think they need to do tricks and manipulate you. I don’t work that way. I’m not a dog — you don’t need to ... Read more

J.K. Simmons on His ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Oz’ Roles and Shedding the Intensity at the End of the Day

J.K. Simmons has primarily stuck to humorous roles in recent years — including his ongoing TV commercial gig with Farmers Insurance — so perhaps that is why his role as a dictatorial music teacher in the film festival hit Whiplash is getting so much attention. However, in an interview with Vulture Simmons suggests that the role recalls his villainous role in HBO’s Oz and reveals that if it wasn’t for Whiplash director Damien Chazelle‘s insistence he might not have been in the feature film at all. Though the Whiplash feature debuted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Simmons’ relationship with ... Read more

Miles Teller Talks ‘Whiplash’ and “Feeling Dead Inside” from ‘Divergent’

Actor Miles Teller might be best known to general audiences for starring in more teenage-oriented films like Footlose, Project X, 21 & Over, and That Awkward Moment, but critics are beginning to take notice of him for his dramatic performances in 2013’s The Spectacular Now and 2014’s Whiplash, both of which were Sundance Film Festival favorites. In Whiplash Teller portrays a talented jazz drummer who is under the tutelage of a strict jazz teacher, played by J. K. Simmons. Teller spoke to W about why he likes to audition for roles, what Whiplash meant to him as an actor, and ... Read more

Review: ‘That Awkward Moment’ Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan

That awkward moment: when you tell your friends who hated That Awkward Moment that you enjoyed That Awkward Moment. Look, let’s get some things out of the way. This film certainly isn’t great. It’s got a lot of problems but thanks to the cast, you might be able to overlook it. I did. The film, written and directed by Tom Gormican, stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as three best friends who pledge not to get girlfriends after Jordan’s Mikey finds out his wife has been shagging another guy. And you know having the guys stay single ... Read more

Trailer: ‘Divergent’ Starring Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller & Kate Winslet

Divergent: In a future world where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities, Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents, she must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late Director: Neil Burger Writers: Evan Daugherty, Vanessa Taylor Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller, Maggie Q, Tony Goldwyn, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet

Miles Teller on ’21 And Over’ and filming scenes naked “with a tube sock on with 40 crew guys around”

After starring in Project X and the new film, 21 And Over, Miles Teller has mastered the art of playing a party boy. But Teller isn’t paying attention to the role similarities.

Review: ’21 & Over’

Yeah, there's nothing really new in the film but that doesn't mean it's not hilarious.

Miles Teller Bombed His First Audition for ‘The Spectacular Now’

Miles Teller is the first one to admit that he’s not sure how he landed the much-coveted role in the indie The Spectacular Now. The actor, who stars alongside Brie Larson and Shailene Woodley, recalls completely bombing his first audition.

Miles Teller Went From Starring in his High School Production of ‘Footloose’ to the Big Screen Movie

Footloose actor Miles Teller, who plays Willard in Director Craig Brewer's just released remake, may not have seen the original 80’s movie that previously starred Kevin Bacon, but Teller explains that playing the same role back in high school gave him an advantage.