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Watch: SAG Conversations with Kurt Russell

You can watch the Hollywood legend talk about his craft in the video!

Jennifer Jason Leigh on Her Career Before ‘The Hateful Eight’: “I am well over 40. I feel like the door was closed”

"A lot of times, this town, or this business, really only looks at your last three projects." - Jennifer Jason Leigh

Kurt Russell on ‘The Hateful Eight’ and the “Trust” He Had With Jennifer Jason Leigh

“You know, we did work hard and this one had become a long process. There was a read-through, a long rehearsal period, and then you do the thing" - Kurt Russell on The Hateful Eight

Kurt Russell Explains that Time He Auditioned for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker

“The rumor is that I ‘turned down Star Wars,’ and I didn’t turn down Star Wars. But that’s the fun history of that” – Kurt Russell When it came to movies that dropped around the holidays, The Hateful Eight was probably the last one on the list that made people feel all jolly and merry inside. A western set in a Wyoming winter penned by Quentin Tarantino, audiences knew it was going to be a gruesome one. While the blood and gore was artful thanks to The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, it didn’t stand a chance when it came to ... Read more