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Gillian Jacobs: “I’m not a rule-breaker, so for a long time I wondered why people cast me in these parts”

Jacobs talks about her rough experience as a student at Juilliard, how Community rekindled her love for acting, and how she's completely different than her character on Love.

Wendell Pierce: “I tell people all the time, get some training and become a student of your craft”

"I always said I studied to try to develop an acting muscle. The key I always thought to my career would be diversity." - Wendell Pierce

Gillian Jacobs on Returning to Theatre and Why Juilliard Wasn’t For Her

"I wanted to challenge myself again. I wanted the rigor of having to be word perfect, of not being able to pull the panic button and say 'Cut!'" - Gillian Jacobs

Interview: Jess Weixler on ‘Entanglement’, Juilliard and How Mediation Has Helped Her on Auditions

"When you film out of order, you just don't want to wait for lightning in a bottle for a scene to kind of find its feet." - Jess Weixler on why she works with an Acting Coach

Corey Hawkins on Using His Classical Training in Television and Film Roles: “You have those tools ready to go”

"...you’re not feeling inspired as an actor and not having that magic moment where it all comes together, then that’s when you have to pull the techniques." - Corey Hawkins

Tony Nominee Corey Hawkins on His Nearly-Disastrous Juilliard Audition

"I remember thinking, ‘I want to go to Juilliard, I want that structure and I want that rigor and that classical foundation.’" - Corey Hawkins

Laura Linney on Her Acting Education, Advice from Kevin Kline, and Her Best Career Decision

"When people ask me, ‘What was your big break?’ I say it was going to Julliard." - Laura Linney

Anthony Mackie on Landing ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Role: “When I heard I got the role I broke down in tears”

As an increasing number of Oscar winners — including Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Redford, and Russell Crowe, just to name a few — turn toward supporting roles in superhero films, it’s important to note that there are younger actors who are also in supporting roles and are hoping that the visibility of roles in superhero movies will launch their careers to the next level. One such actor is Anthony Mackie, who plays superhero The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Speaking with The Washington Post, Mackie spoke about his persistence in his acting career, why starring as the Falcon ... Read more

The Pain Exercise: Inside The Big White Walls Of Juilliard

"Juilliard is where I had to let go of a lot of old ideas about who I was, beyond just an actor"

Tony Nominee Stephen Kunken: “Your career is a marathon”

Stephen Kunken discusses his Tony Nomination, how he approaches a role and give some fantastic career advice!

True Blood’s Carrie Preston on Broadway, Her Career and How She Got the Role of “Arlene”

Carrie Preston: "A lot of times I kind of feel like I’m starting over for each part because people don’t realize that I was also the one that was in 10 other things that they’ve seen."