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James Cromwell: “It’s a good time to be James Cromwell. Make hay while the sun shines

At age 73, James Cromwell has just scored his first leading man role in Still Mine.  It doesn’t surprise the actor that it’s taken him this long to break out of supporting roles. “I don’t look like a leading man, whatever they look like.  It’s changing a little.  For my entire career, I wanted to be a director,” he explained to Interview.  “When I was in the theater, it was very difficult to get directing jobs, and I fell into the acting by default.  I got in the habit of accepting whatever came my way.  Not things that I disagreed ... Read more

Q&A: Chloe Sevigny talks American Horror Story, Working with James Cromwell and Her Approach to Acting

Chloe on not auditioning for the part: "I’d never gotten the role auditioning, I’m terrible at it"

Oscar Winner James Cromwell on Academy Awards: “It isn’t a contest — we’re all in this together”

“It’s a lot of hoopla, which is not really what we do as actors and as artists. We like to do the work, and the work stands for itself, and then the industry takes over,” Cromwell opined