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Daniel Craig on Being “Typecast” as James Bond: “I mean, talk about a high-class problem”

"It’s not the job of an actor to judge your character" - Daniel Craig

How Did Benedict Cumberbatch Ruin His Chance to Play James Bond in a Video Game?

No one can say that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't having success in both movies and television these days with Star Trek Into Darkness and Sherlock, but the clearly-enunciating Englishman once blew the chance to conquer a third type of media: video games

Daniel Craig on Playing James Bond: “When I’m doing the movie I’m totally single-minded”

It's been four years since 007 was on screen -- one of the longest gaps between sequels in the James Bond franchise -- so when Daniel Craig returns as the British secret agent in November's Skyfall it will be a very welcome return.