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Watch: SAG Conversations with Jeff Daniels

Daniels got his start on the stage and he has been appearing on Broadway stages since the late 1970s.

Ben Affleck on Batman Casting Criticism and Why He Took on the Caped Crusader

"The whole lesson of my career has been that what’s really important is the work you do." - Ben Affleck

Sally Field: “Underdog is the Understatement of My Career”

“You find a way to do the work you want to do, whether it’s on the big screen, the small screen, the stage, you just find a way.” - Sally Field

Maggie Smith on the “Real Pressure” of Film and Television Acting

Smith reveals why she's much more comfortable on a stage than on a film or television set

Jason Bateman Talks ‘Zootopia’ and the “Great Challenge” of Directing

"All the hard work is being done before and after us. We stand in a booth, and we talk" - Jason Bateman on Voice Acting in 'Zootopia'

Brie Larson on Sexism She Has Faced in Auditions

"There were many times that I would go into auditions and a casting director would say, ‘It’s really great. Really love what you’re doing, but we’d love you to come back with a jean miniskirt and high heels." - Brie Larson

Watch: Conversations with Brie Larson and Lenny Abrahamson of ‘Room’

The pair spoke about the complexity of the character-driven film and the challenge of ensuring the audience would stay engaged with a film that almost entirely takes place within one room.

Leonardo DiCaprio on his Audition for ‘This Boy’s Life’: “I was like, ‘Holy sh*t, I blew it'”

"I was this kid that came from television and TV commercials, and I had no idea how to conduct myself on a set." - Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Winslet Was Once Told By a Drama Teacher That She Might Have to “Settle for the Fat Girl Parts”

The award-winning actress decided to speak up for “all those young women who doubt themselves”

Kate Winslet Wants to “Keep Doing the Unexpected” and Would Love the Chance to Play Someone British

"I wanted that challenge of playing a character who really felt like a character" - Kate Winslet on Triple 9

Brianna Hildebrand on Auditioning for ‘Deadpool’

"When I auditioned, her name was Kathy, because they do these codenames. I didn’t know anything about the film at all" - Brianna Hildebrand on 'Deadpool'

Jeff Daniels Remembers a Terrible Audition for a Diane Keaton Movie

One actor that knows the ups and downs of the audition process is Jeff Daniels.

Jennifer Jason Leigh on Her First-Ever Oscar Nomination: “It’s kind of phenomenal”

"He knew that I could, in his words, 'act the … out of it' and I'm not afraid to take a risk in terms of acting" Jennifer Jason Leigh on Quentin Tarantino

Jennifer Jason Leigh on Her Career Before ‘The Hateful Eight’: “I am well over 40. I feel like the door was closed”

"A lot of times, this town, or this business, really only looks at your last three projects." - Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Lawrence on Lack of Support Before Stardom: “I grew up in Kentucky, so nobody was like, ‘You’re gonna be a movie star”

"Developing a character is the only thing in the world I feel 100 percent confident in, that I understand." - Jennifer Lawrence

Kurt Russell on ‘The Hateful Eight’ and the “Trust” He Had With Jennifer Jason Leigh

“You know, we did work hard and this one had become a long process. There was a read-through, a long rehearsal period, and then you do the thing" - Kurt Russell on The Hateful Eight

Kurt Russell Explains that Time He Auditioned for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker

“The rumor is that I ‘turned down Star Wars,’ and I didn’t turn down Star Wars. But that’s the fun history of that” – Kurt Russell When it came to movies that dropped around the holidays, The Hateful Eight was probably the last one on the list that made people feel all jolly and merry inside. A western set in a Wyoming winter penned by Quentin Tarantino, audiences knew it was going to be a gruesome one. While the blood and gore was artful thanks to The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, it didn’t stand a chance when it came to ... Read more

What Was Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Audition Like For ‘The Hateful Eight’?

Jennifer Jason Leigh went from teen movie royalty to critically acclaimed actress in movies like The Machinist and Road to Perdition. Now she’s starring alongside Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and she couldn’t be happier. At least that’s what she told Vulture in a recent interview. “It’s such a fabulous role. The funny thing is, I picked up the script from [casting director] Victoria Thomas’s office and went home and read it — and it was missing the last chapter. Intentionally, because Quentin didn’t want anyone to know. A day or two later, ... Read more

How has Regina King Maintained a 30 Year Acting Career? “[I’m] an actor, not a celebrity”

"I saw that I was being stereotyped. I saw that a lot of us were being stereotyped. I didn’t want to be part of that" - Regina King

Tom Holland’s Self-Taped Auditions Helped Him Land Spider-Man

""I rang up my agent and I said, 'Just get me a self- tape. Please let me send something so that they can see me.'" - Tom Holland