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Interview: Casting Director Robert Ulrich on Discovering Unknown Actors, Tips on Self-Taping Auditions and More!

"Even if I know the character well, I pre-read fifty people or at least a great deal of people, sometimes even for a one line role" - Casting Director Robert Ulrich

Broadway Casting Director Tara Rubin on Preparing for Auditions and Finding Replacement Actors for Long-Running Shows

Rubin spoke about what she looks for in casting a replacement actor and how prepared an actor should be for a first audition and a callback.

Interview: Casting Director Heidi Levitt talks ‘The Artist’, What She Finds in Successful Actors and Her App, ActorGenie

Heidi: "I want an actor who is willing to work the long haul and not just looking for success immediately"

10 Secrets That Casting Directors Don’t Tell You

At your next audition, try these ten tips!

5 Reasons a Casting Director Might Not Be Seeing You

Been wondering why a Casting Director or a casting office might not be seeing you? Click here to find out why!

Interview: Casting Director Scott David

Criminal Minds Casting Director Scott David talks about actor’s being unprepared, how we can find our "type" and Beckinfield!

Casting Director Neely Gurman Gives Her Tips On Auditioning

Neely Gurman is someone every actor should know. She casts union and non-union projects, always tries to get her work-shoppers into her auditions and has tremendous knowledge of the business.