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Watch: SAG Conversations with Billy Bob Thornton of ‘Goliath’

Thornton talks about playing a character that some would say is fairly typical for him as well as his career as a whole.

Robert Duvall on His Role in ‘The Judge’: “I turned it down at first”

Though 83 year-old acting legend Robert Duvall has no plans to ever retire, he doesn’t have as many high-profile roles as he had during his peak in the 1970s. So when Duvall stars in a studio film like The Judge alongside current star Robert Downey Jr., it is yet another big accomplishment in Duvall’s lengthy career. In the film Duvall plays an elderly judge who is accused of murdering his wife and he is defended in court by his son, played by Downey. However, he spoke to The New York Times about why he initially turned down the role, what ... Read more

Colin Hanks is Hoping ‘Fargo’ Opens the Door to More Diverse Characters in his Career

It’s tough always being the good guy. It can get an actor typecast into certain roles. That’s exactly what Colin Hanks has been dealing with for most of his career. He said, “That’s the stereotype of me. That’s the pigeonhole I’m in, and I’m constantly trying to break out of that.” The 36-year-old actor is currently starring in FX’s 10-episode series, Fargo, as Gus Grimly, the sweet, hapless yet moral police officer. His boundaries are tested when he comes in contact with the devious Lorne Malvo, played by Billy Bob Thornton. Hanks explained his character, “A lot of Gus was ... Read more

Q & A: Billy Bob Thornton Talks ‘Fargo’, How His Character is an “Animal” and More!

After watching the first episode of FX’s new limited-series, Fargo, I can say without a doubt that I think it’s fantastic. Billy Bob Thornton, who plays “Lorne Malvo” is a huge reason why I’m loving the show so much. He’s terrific as “Malvo” and I seriously cannot wait to see how he evolves throughout the series. The show is an original adaptation of the Coen Brothers Academy Award®-winning film, Fargo. Written by Noah Hawley, the 10-episode limited series features an all-new story and follows a new case and new characters. The show also stars Martin Freeman as insurance salesman Lester ... Read more