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Gal Gadot Recalls Her Audition for Wonder Woman

Gadot revealed what happened when she first attended a screen test for Batman v Superman director, Zach Snyder

Interview: ‘The Real O’Neals’ Matt Shively Talks Playing 17, Auditions and His first Acting Job

"I like to be totally memorized because if you’re not fully memorized, you can’t really make choices." - Matt Shively on Auditioning

Hold the Phone: Tips and Tricks on Using Your Phone in an Audition

What should you do if your audition sides include talking on the phone?

Casting Director Bernie Telsey’s Audition Tips

“Auditions are like a blind date for the casting director and the actor. The audition starts the minute you walk in the room" - Casting Director Bernie Telsey

5 Points Every Actor Should Embrace Before Their Audition

Remember: It’s about how hard you tried during the audition. If you tried as hard as you could, no one can take that away from you.

Interview: Talent Manager/Producer Geoffrey Soffer on Finding Actors, Self-Taping Audition Tips and More!

Geoffrey Soffer talks about his transition to talent mangement/producing, discovering new talent and what to avoid when doing a self tape audition

Seth Rudetsky Reveals the 5 Worst Musical Theater Audition Mistakes (video)

Seth Rudetsky, actor, musician and a host on SiriusXM’s Broadway channel, has been teaching auditioning master classes this summer and he’s seen his share of bad auditions lately. In this video, he reveals the 5 worst audition mistakes you can make in a musical theater audition and how to choose the perfect 16-bar audition song.

Bob Odenkirk and the ‘Nebraska’ Cast Offer Up Audition Tips: “An audition is a chance to act that day”

Auditions are one of the most important components of an actor’s career. However, it is often an artist’s least favorite aspect of trying to make it in Hollywood. Once you are an established working actor, does the audition process ever change? In a recent Envelope Screening Series with the Los Angeles Times for the upcoming film Nebraska, actors Will Forte, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk talked on a post-film panel about this very topic. Forte isn’t a big fan. He told the audience, “I hate auditioning! It’s crazy. It terrifies me.” The former Saturday Night Live star then turned to ... Read more

5 Acting Audition Tips for New Actors

Having the audition preparation you need to land the role will help to launch your acting career.

Interview: Casting Director Heidi Levitt talks ‘The Artist’, What She Finds in Successful Actors and Her App, ActorGenie

Heidi: "I want an actor who is willing to work the long haul and not just looking for success immediately"

One Quality Every Actor Needs To Become Successful!

Benson Simmonds tells us that quality and more

Actors Act But The Business of Acting is Different Than The Craft

Do you know how to conduct yourself in the final stages of winning a role?

9 Helpful Audition Tips

The most important thing to remember when auditioning for any role is that only one person will get it. That one person could be you.

Sutton Foster on Auditioning, Getting Into Character and Singing for 8 Shows a Week

Sutton Foster, who is currently on tour doing a one-woman show, was at Northwestern University recently for a talk with its theater students where she answered questions on all things musical theater.

How To Feel Confident and Give a Great Audition

We all have those days when our confidence level isn't the best. Acting coach, Benson Simmonds is here to help!