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Tag: audition advice

Alfred Molina: “I’ve never, ever, ever… come off stage feeling successful”

"Get in, do your thing, and get out like you have somewhere better to be." - Alfred Molina's Audition Advice

Do You Feel Like You’re Not Getting Enough Auditions or Callbacks?

In order to maximize your efficiency in booking roles, monitoring your figures is essential.

Audition Etiquette: Some Do’s and Don’t

Having been to quite a few auditions & listened to a lot of Casting Directors, actress Sharon Spink has a list of etiquette rules when it comes to auditions.

The One Thing You Need To Know About Auditions

What did you bring to the audition that sets you apart? What did you do differently to everyone else who walked into the audition room that day?

Interview: James Tupper Talks ‘Revenge’ and How He Thought He “Fumbled” the Ball on His ‘Men in Trees’ Audition

"I’m a lifer actor," James Tupper told me. "I went to drama school and got a Master’s. I did the way of the less talented. I had to just find a way to keep it going where I could really break in."

Auditioning By The Numbers

Auditions are an art unto themselves. The more of them you do, ideally, the better you get.

What To Eat (And What Not To Eat) Before An Audition

An audition can be a nerve-wracking experience, so you’ll need every advantage you can get

Auditions: We Just Don’t Know

That’s one of the most frustrating bits about this biz of ours, isn’t it?

How to Stop Taking Things Personally at Auditions

Your perception and experience in an audition has nothing to do with what is actually happening

Seth Rudetsky Gives Musical Theater Audition Advice: “Even in 16 bars, you’ve got to have a beginning, a middle, and an end”

Rudetsky recently gave some local Sarasota, Florida talent very helpful and honest advice in regards to auditioning as a singer in musical theater.

Acting Auditions – Understanding the Director

Actors are constantly worrying about what is going on in the mind of the director at the audition...they shouldn't

9 Helpful Audition Tips

The most important thing to remember when auditioning for any role is that only one person will get it. That one person could be you.

Interview: Castle’s Tamala Jones on Her Career, the Show and One Line Auditions!

Tamala Jones talks about Castle,, how she got her start in acting and what it takes to get that medical dialog memorized!