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Ruth Wilson on Creating a Character, Accents and More

I create a workbook by which I go through and write down everything every other character says about my character, what I say about myself and others

Q & A: Matthew Rhys on ‘The Americans’, Accents and Shooting During Snowmageddon

Season two of FX’s The Americans is now, unfortunately, in our rearview mirrors. The past season was outstanding and now I’m counting the days till season three. In The Americans, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell star as 1980’s Russian spies living in America, masquerading as an all-American couple with two kids and a nice home. Series star Rhys and FX recently had a conference call where Rhys talked about the season, shooting in New York and dealing with accents. The Americans airs on FX on Wednesdays When you started this, and continue to do the role, do you do a ... Read more

Jamie Bell: “I thank my lucky stars daily that I’m even still working”

AMC’s newest period drama, Turn, is based on the real-life Culper Spy Ring that was vital to America’s victory in the Revolutionary War. Considering that, for star Jamie Bell, who plays spy Abraham Woodhull, and the rest of the cast it probably feels like they’re working at Colonial Williamsburg (in fact, Turn is shot in Virginia). In an interview with New York magazine, Bell spoke about developing the accent for the role, why he has pursued such varied roles in his career, and why he thinks he wouldn’t have become an actor if he was just entering the business today. ... Read more

Sophie Okonedo Talks Working with Denzel Washington on Broadway’s ‘A Raisin in the Sun’

Sophie Okonedo is stepping into the bright lights of Broadway in the revival of Lorraine Hansberry‘s A Raisin in the Sun. For the actress who calls the opportunity a “dream come true,” the London-born star talked to The Guardian about her role in the classic play. Okenodo plays Ruth, the wife of Walter Lee played by Denzel Washington. Ruth has worked long and hard to make their American dreams come true, but life has been hard and weary for the family. The matriarch carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. To get into character, Okenedo had to nail ... Read more

Actors: It’s Time to Add Foreign Languages To Your Skill Set

¬† Watch out, actors, people are paying attention and listening to those accents! With rise in the quality of television, actors might want to pay attention to their language skills as a part of their arsenal. NPR’s All Things Considered¬†recently took a look at the Netflix series, House of Cards, to see how well the actors were doing when it came to scenes where a foreign language is spoken. For a show that prides itself on serving up accurate details, they have some work to do. The media outlet brought in expert Kirsten Speidel, a Chinese professor at Swarthmore College, ... Read more

Christian Bale on American Accents and If Liking His Co-Stars Helps His Acting

Christian Bale talks about how he gets his American accent, if liking his co-star helps him turn in a better performance and how he got the part.

Michael Caine on His Cockney Accent and Transitioning from Leading Man to Character Actor

Michael Caine has just released his 2nd memoir, The Elephant to Hollywood, which chronicles the his second Oscar win, becoming a Knight and his collaboration with Christopher Nolan, among other things.

How to Shop for a Dialect CD

How many times have you been looking for a dialect CD and wondered which one was the best to buy? Pamela Vanderway is here to help!

Michael Fassbender Talks ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and Difficult Accents

"I think all of them can be pretty difficult, do you know what I mean?" - Michael Fassbender on Accents