“Spider-Man” Director Julie Taymor has left (fired?) the show

Julie TaymorSpider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” director Julie Taymor has left the production, just as the $65 million musical is being shut down for a short time to allow for changes to be made to the show. With a date in June now rumored as a possible time frame for the official opening, the deadline for the Tony Award’s will not be met.  “If they want to make some serious changes, they’re going to need to shut the show down for a good amount of time,” said one source.

When news of Taymor’s departure reached theater-goers waiting to purchase tickets for the show’s 100th performance, one person had this to say, “To have her attached to the show was a big deal. So to have her stepping down is interesting.”

In January, Taymor said,“We’ve gone through a lot with this show. What keeps us going is the passion for the piece. We’re trying to tell a story that’s complex.”

The bad publicity and critics brutal reviews have not slowed ticket sales. Some theater-goers have said they may return to see the show again, especially if revisions are made.“Everybody loves a train wreck, I think that’s part of the appeal.”

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