John Leguizamo defends his reputation as “difficult”: “There’s a lot of conflict because I’m my own man and I’m a writer and I think I’m a thinker”

In Ghetto Klown,  the third and, he assures his family and friends, final autobiographical play, comedian John Leguizamo shares details of his personal life and career conflicts with fellow actors, including issues that arose whenever he expressed the need to rewrite scenes he was in.

“There’s a lot of conflict because I’m my own man and I’m a writer and I think I’m a thinker. I’m not just an interpreter. I studied with some of the great thinkers and acting minds of the world, and it’s, like, I can’t go there and just accept this mediocrity. I know what a real scene is supposed to feel like, so I’m going to be vocal about it. I’m going to express my feelings.”

Leguizamo says each time he found himself cast with actors who were content to allow the writers to create the story and dialogue,  he struggled, adamant he cannot work that way.

“They were actors who came through a TV system, a movie system. They weren’t questioning things. They didn’t have anything to say. They loved their jobs and they loved entertainment. I’m not an entertainer, that’s not my label. I think of myself as a playwright.”



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