Must Watch Interview with Gary Oldman: “You’re at the mercy of the industry and the imagination of the people that are casting you”

If you have a spare 1 hour and 15 minutes, do yourself a favor and watch (or listen) to this fantastic interview the New York Times did with Gary Oldman.

It’s pretty much a career retrospective and Dave Itzkoff, the interviewer, touches on all of his major roles, asking questions that we all would ask Oldman if we had the chance to speak with him. 

They go in-depth about his career and it’s totally worth your time.

Here are some quotes and highlights I managed to write down as I was listening:

  • “If an actor says that they become the people or they lose themselves then I would question that. Especially the roles that I played because I would be in an institution.”
  • “You’re at the mercy of the industry and the imagination of the people that are casting you.”
  • He still has the voices in his head telling him that ‘he’s no good.’
  • “I don’t have to be in character all day.”
  • He flirts with coming to Broadway. “At some point,” he says.
  •  Towards the end, he gives his advice to actors: “You gotta do the work. You get very little rehearsal time. Get there on time. Be prepared.”

Check it out below! 

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