Jennifer Love Hewitt Takes Dubious “Worst Actress” Honor

Jennifer Love Hewitt might want to consider changing her middle name, as a Rotten Tomatoes analysis reveals the Garfield and I Know What You Did Last Summer actress as the worst-reviewed leading lady of the last quarter-century. Is Jennifer Actively Dislike Hewitt too wordy?

According to a recent Slate report, none of Hewitt’s starring roles have achieved so much as a 60-percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review aggregator that collects film commentary from hundreds of newspapers and magazines and rates them accordingly. Overall, cinema classics like Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (seven percent) and Truth About Love (zero percent) have earned her an average of 19 percent, which seems a little high. Were one in five people captivated by House Arrest?

With an average score of 33 percent, Mena Suvari was also a contender for the “Worst Actress” honor. Chuck Norris and his 18-percent approval rating was named “Worst Actor.”

Somewhere in a Los Angeles mansion, Hewitt sips from a salted margarita glass and and counts stacks of $100 bills.

Via Slate


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