Randy Jackson Tweets to Betty Buckley About Idol Singer’s Sounding ‘Too Broadway’: “I have the upmost respect for all broadway actors and singers”

American Idol judge Randy Jackson has released his response to an upset singer and actress Betty Buckley, who was coined “The Voice of Broadway” by New York Magazine. 

The sixty-four year old Buckley, as fans will remember, became upset when Jackson told a performer on the reality series that their performance was “too Broadway”.  Shortly thereafter Buckley had words with Idol’s Nigel Lythgoe.  She also took to Twitter to bash Jackson, per Broadway World, and state that the contestants on the show did not exude the characteristics and qualities of a theatrical singer, who “encompasses every kind of sound, voice & style.”

After all of this it seems both Buckley and Jackson are burying the hatchet, with the help of Randy’s respectable, classy and diplomatic response to the enraged Buckley. “Just for the record; @bettybuckley I love you, I also love broadway, I am a huge broadway fan. There are tons of broadway stars that are dear friends of mine. I have the upmost respect for all broadway actors and singers. To me the greatest thing in life is a true thespian. One who can be a great actor, singer, and great dancer. The all around performer.” 

“Last I checked, America is land of the free, home of the brave, and freedom of speech is still allowed. But what I was merely saying to the singer, or any singer who wishes to be in popular music is that you have to be able to have control of your vibrato and have amazing talent. A lot of people who sing broadway, do not have control of their vibrato, which does not easily lend itself to singing other styles of music. The wide open vibrato doesn’t work everywhere. Was not dissing anyone, and if you know our show carefully, we have been using the words ‘Too Broadway’ for 11 seasons now, and we have all said it.”

“FYI: If you are a fan of the show, then you would know, we had a giant win with a broadway singer named Adam Lambert. One of our greatest contestants, 4 years ago, And yo Betty the dawg ain’t got nothing but love for you. Ever since eight is enough. I want everyone to realize their dreams.”

Soon after Buckley responded via Twitter. It looks like the war of words is finally over and was just a misunderstanding.  “Thank you, Randy. I have been your fan for all these yrs. And yes, I am aware this has been Idol speak for all these yrs. And, yes, we live in the land o free speech. Thank the Lord. And, dearest Randy, w respect U have begun 2 use ‘too bway’ as a negation. Just sayin’. I’m sure you have lotsa Bway friends. I have lotsa pop rec. prod. & bass player friends. 

“And yes, vibrato as part of an instrument require deft manipulation & so many POP/rock stars use them. Thanks for the response. You’re a courtly dude, Dawg! Wishing you always all the very best always. : ) x O, and as I recall, you guys gave Adam Lambert a hard time n the beginning suggesting he couldn’t do more than ‘Bway’. ; )”

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