Georgia Mayor Ban’s Production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show.’ Calls It Too ‘Risque’

The Rocky Horror Show was scheduled to unveil its new production in Carrollton, Georgia just recently until Mayor Wayne Garner halted the scheduled performance.  According to Garner, the Horror Show was ‘risqué’ in nature, even for the adults only performance. 

Initially given the green light, it wasn’t until Garner and his staff members reviewed rehearsal tapes that they changed their minds about allowing the cast and crew use to their stage. 

Allowing the “R-rated production at a city owned stage” apparently posed a huge problem for the Mayor and his concern for the public.

With the show now closed down, “to the bitter disappointment of cast members, who have taken to Facebook to protect” their show, The Rocky Horror performers have been left to raise their own funds.  

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