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Actor Ashley Tabatabai on Learning and Appreciating the Craft of Telling Stories

Bruce Lee said that "To live is to express and to express you have to create."

Actor Francesco Pireddu on Challenging His Fears

There is a beautiful English saying: fear knocked at my door. I opened. Nobody was there.

Why Actor Ashley Tabatabai Started Creating His Own Content

"When the reason for doing anything is powerful enough, you will find a way to make things happen," says Tabatabai

Actor Russell Nauman Turned the Loss of His Father into a Beautiful Film about Coping and Conquering Depression

Nauman decided to follow Carrie Fisher’s advice and “Take your broken heart, make it to art.”

Sculptor Turned Actress Eileen O’Donnell Gets Her Horror on in ‘Blue Light’ Web Series

Blue Light is the story of Mildred, a 1950’s housewife, who comes home to find people from the future talking to her through her television.

Actress India Autry: Getting Help with Making My Baby, ‘Brutally Yours’

"The key to launching the campaign was, like all aspects of my acting and filmmaking career, was research and marketing." - Actress India Autry

Two Years Ago, Jake Hunter Dropped Out of College and Lived in His Truck to Pursue Acting

"Two years ago I was a college baseball player with no acting experience," Actor Jake Hunter writes.

Why Actor Douglas Taurel Uses his Talents to Honor Veterans on 9/11

"This show has become a very humbling project about honoring veterans and their families," Taurel writes.

Staying Creative While Waiting For Your Big Break

Actress Heather Brooker started working part-time jobs to fund her acting habit. She also came up with ways to stay creative while waiting for her break.

Actress Anna Maganini and Her Quest to Fund Her Film, ‘Sex Monsoon’

"Any screenplay that even hints at porn in this respectable Tinseltown contest lands in the slush pile," writes Anna

Alexandra Case & Robin De Lano on Creating Their Instagram Sketch Series, ‘Girls I Audition With’

The actresses co-wrote an Instagram sketch series that follows an artist's comedic journey.

Actress Charlotte Rothwell: “Acting makes my heart beat and my blood pump around my body”

"Pursue what you love with reckless abandon, let the ‘no’s be fuel to the fire that makes you push towards your goals and keep going until you get there"

Actor Kahlid Elijah Tapia: A Day in the Life of an Expat Thespian

Here's a look at what actor Kahlid Tapia does to further his overseas acting career

How the Producers of ‘Behind the Blinds’ Got a Cast and Crew Together to Shoot a Webseries in 6 Days

The producers of the webseries discuss finding their cast, auditions and shooting their project

Actor Aaron Williams Creates Another Theatrical Cover From the Film, ‘Skyfall’

"When it comes to theatre, an actor always has a chance to play a classic role. In film, once a movie has been made, it’s made," says Williams.

Actress India Autry’s Cannes Film Festival Short Film ‘Brutally Yours’ Has People Talking

My name is India, and I’m an alcoholic…who wrote a feature screenplay about it.

Actress Kayla Nash on Her Video Series, ‘Self Tape w/ Lindsay Drake!’

"Whether you are starting out or you're a seasoned actor, these will not only tickle your funny bone but also make ya think about those audition skills!"

Actor Aaron Williams Creates a Theatrical Cover With ‘The Emergency Exit’ From ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’

Actor Aaron Williams created this video in hopes to create something that is an original, unique way to get himself out there as an actor

Actors Nathan Ray Clark and E-Kan Soong Show You ‘How To Play a Bartender For TV’

Actors Nathan Ray Clark and E-Kan Soong talk about their infomercial spoof, 'How To Play a Bartender For TV'

Actress Erica McDermott on Her Role as Mary Bulger in ‘Black Mass’

Susan J. Farese did a quick interview with actress Erica McDermott on her role as Mary Bulger in the new film, Black Mass. Erica McDermott‘s star keeps rising! The Scituate, Massachusetts actress plays Mary Bulger, wife of Billy Bulger (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the highly anticipated, much buzzed about biopic film Black Mass. The film, which stars Johnny Depp as James “Whitey” Bulger, opens nationwide September 18th. Erica, who played Tar Ecklund in The Fighter, will be also appearing in Joy, a biopic about Joy Mangano, that will be released in December 2015. Erica shared a few highlights about working for ... Read more