“Hawaii Five-0” star Scott Caan: “I feel like, right now, acting is work”


Hawaii Five-0″ star Scott Caan is blunt-spoken and a self-proclaimed perfectionist. “When it comes to something we’re going to put on camera and make a show out of, I want it to be believable.”

CBS Studios chief David Stapf describes Caan as a skilled actor with great appeal. “He has that nice blend. Guys love him. Women love him. He’s able to combine an ease with which he does his job with humor, but not sacrifice how good he is at his job.”

When Caan was a teenager, he worked in the music business, before he felt a tug toward acting. He began studying theater, writing and directing, then segued into writing screenplays. “I feel like, right now, acting is work,” he says. “Directing is a passion, and writing is something I kind of do whether I want to or not.”

Best known for his roles in the Ocean’s films and HBO’s Entourage, Caan says initially he wasn’t sure he wanted to sign on for a  series that had the potential for a long run. Even his father, actor James Caan, tried to persuade him to pass on it.  “He said, ‘You’re going to get bored playing the same character,’ but I haven’t yet, so that’s good.”

And the actor admits, so far the Five-0 experience has been a good one, though he has moments when he feels restless. “I’m happy I have a job. I’m happy that people like what I’m doing. I’m happy that the show is doing good, but I always like to be doing something else. I’m really never happy where I am.  I always want to do better.”

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