“Good Wife” Star Julianna Margulies Calls TV Execs “A–holes”


Even a good wife will lash out at someone every once in a while. Julianna Margulies, star of CBS legal drama The Good Wife, recently called out television executives for scheduling her show against ABC’s Body of Proof, led by Dana Delaney.

“I don’t understand executives that pit women against each other…” she told The Huffington Post recently. “The fact that they brought in Body of Proof, Dana Delaney is a friend of mine, and the two of us were just rolling our eyes, it’s like, of course, you finally have two great female leads and you’re going to put us on against each other. You’re a–holes. You should have put them on against a different show to see where they go, and then in the end, it was split down the middle.”

Previously, the competing shows fought for viewers on Tuesday nights. However, The Good Wife’s strong ratings earned it a coveted Sunday night slot for its third season, which will begin airing on CBS next fall.

Still, Margulies is delighted about the recent increase in female leads on network TV. “If you look this year at the pilots that they picked up, I would say more than not, women are the leads in network television, and I think we were the catalysts for that. And that makes me so happy.”

Via The Huffington Post

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