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Interview: Director Jim Mickle Talks ‘Cold in July’, Sam Shepard and Michael C. Hall’s Cologne

In the interview, Mickle (We Are What We Are) chats about the film and his incredible cast. He also tells some fun stories about Sam Shepard re-writing a pivotal scene for the film and Michael C. Hall wearing a cologne from the 80's to help him with his character.

Sam Shepard on Why He Prefers Writing Plays: “You can travel farther in language than you can in any film”

You really won’t see Sam Shepard in a blockbuster movie (okay, he was in Stealth, but that’s about it), so seeing Shepard’s name in the credits of a film is probably a good indication that the movie is at least well-written.  That’s because Shepard has always been as much of a writer as an actor and finds himself drawn to quality scripts. In a conversation with The Guardian, he talks about how he values the strength of a film script and why he primarily writes for theater these days. Shepard admits that he chooses his roles based on how a ... Read more