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Screenplay: ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’

A headstrong Victorian beauty (Carey Mulligan) has her choice of three different suitors: a sheep farmer, a dashing soldier and a prosperous, older bachelor (Michael Sheen)

Josh Radnor on Simultaneously Shooting TV and Films: “The process was so invigorating that I never found it to be completely draining”

It isn’t easy to juggle a leading role on a popular sitcom and a film career, let alone a career as a film writer/director too.¬† However, How I Met Your Mother‘s Josh Radnor has found himself wearing all three hats since directing his first film in 2010, ¬†Happythankyoumoreplease.¬† He also stars in other director’s films, including writer/director Jill Soloway‘s Afternoon Delight alongside Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple.¬† He spoke to Collider about how he manages his busy schedule and how he ended up starring in Afternoon Delight. His role in Afternoon Delight is best described as being spur-of-the-moment yet somehow ... Read more