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Judy Greer Reveals Susan Sarandon’s Secret On-Screen Crying Tip

Judy Greer has played everyone’s best friend on-screen over the last decade, but the character actress has really found her own niche the last couple of years. She hit Los Angeles in 1997 after graduating from Depaul University. She talked about her first week in Hollywood, it’s a week most

Susan Sarandon’s Tale of the Casting Couch

It’s nearly impossible after decades of a successful career to imagine Susan Sarandon as a fledging actress, but the 66-year-old was once the victim of those infamous casting couch sessions.

Biography: Susan Sarandon

The extremely versatile actress Susan Sarandon brings her own brand of sex appeal and intelligence to every role – – from her fearless portrayal in “Bull Durham” to her Oscar®-nominated performances in “Thelma and Louise,” “Lorenzo’s Oil,” “The Client” and “Atlantic City,” to her Academy Award®-winning and SAG Award-winning role in “Dead Man Walking” as Sister Helen, a nun consoling a death-row inmate.

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