‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’ (Lucy): Failure

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Monologue

'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' by Clark Gesner

From: Musical

Type: Comedic

Character: Lucy, Linus's tough big sister who always tries to get her way.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Kids | Teens | Late Teens | 20's

Summary: Lucy explains Charlie Brown's face to Linus

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Lucy: Now Linus, I want you to take a good look at Charlie Brown’s face. Would you please hold still a minute, Charlie Brown, I want Linus to study your face. Now, this is what you call a Failure Face, Linus. Notice how it has failure written all over it. Study it carefully, Linus. You rarely see such a good example. Notice the deep lines, the dull, vacant look in the eyes. Yes, I would say this is one of the finest examples of a Failure Face that you’re liable to see for a long while.

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