‘This is Our Youth’ (Jessica)

JESSICA: Don’t you guys get into like, comparing notes and stuff? Well…OK…It’s just – This is getting a little weird now, because when I talked to Valerie, she asked me if anything happened with us last night, and for some reason, I guess I didn’t really tell her that anything did. So now she’s gonna talk to Dennis and I’m gonna look like a total liar to someone I’m just starting to be close friends with and who I really care about…!

I just should have figured that you would like rush off to tell your friends that you f— me – whereas I might be more inclined to be a little more discreet about it till I found out where I stood with you. Ok, but you know what? It really doesn’t matter – So you just tell him anything he wants to know no matter what the consequences are for somebody else?!

But honestly, Warren? I really don’t care who you told, or what you told them, because people are gonna think whatever they think and you know what? There’s nothing I can do about it. I should just really listen to my instincts, you know? Because your instincts are never wrong. And it was totally against my instinct to come over here last night, and it was definitely against my instinct to sleep with you, but I did and it’s too late. And now my Mom is totally furious at me, I probably ruined my friendship with Valerie, and now like Dennis Ziegler thinks I’m like, easy pickins, or something – ! And it’s not like I even care what he thinks, OK? Because I don’t actually know him. Or you. Or Valerie, for that matter! So it doesn’t really matter! I’ve made new friends before, I can make more new friends now if I have to. So let’s just forget the whole thing ever happened, you can chalk one up in your book or whatever – and I’ll just know better next time! Hopefully. OK?

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