‘The Parent Trap’ (Elizabeth): “People see their ex’s all the time, don’t they?”

ELIZABETH: I can handle seeing Nick Parker after all these years. People see their ex’s all the time, don’t they? Not to worry. I’ll take care of everything. Not-to-worry.

I’m sorry, I can’t handle this. I haven’t seen or heard from Nick Parker in over eleven years and suddenly I’m flying halfway across the world to… I’m not mature enough for this. If the man didn’t make me so nuts, I’d still be married to him. We came up with this-arrangement so we’d never have to see each other again. Look at me, Martin, have you ever seen me like this? Don’t answer that. (pacing) What if he doesn’t recognize me? Be honest, Martin, how old do I look? No, don’t answer that either. Hey, what am I worried about? He could be fat or bald. Or both.

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