‘The Parent Trap’ (Annie): “Don’t you realize what’s happening?!?”

Monologues for Kids from the movie, The Parent Trap

THE PARENT TRAP by David Swift, Nancy Meyers & Charles Shyer

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Annie James, smart and mischievous, teams up with her long lost twin sister, Hallie, to re-unite their parents.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Kids

Summary: Annie is just about to figure out the real truth of their parents.

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ANNIE: Will you stop thinking about your stomach at a time like this! Don’t you realize what’s happening?!? Don’t you find it peculiar that we both look so much alike and have the same birthday and… (putting it all together) Oh man, this is beyond coincidence, this is beyond imagination! I only have a mother, you only have a father… You’ve never seen your Mom, I’ve never seen my Dad. You have one old picture of your Mom, I have one old picture of my Dad but at least yours is probably a whole picture. This is so freaky.

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