‘The Parent Trap’ (Annie): “That’s the way true love works”

Monologues for Kids from the movie, The Parent Trap

THE PARENT TRAP by David Swift, Nancy Meyers & Charles Shyer

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Annie James, smart and mischievous, teams up with her long lost twin sister, Hallie, to re-unite their parents.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Kids

Summary: Annie tries to fill in the gaps about their parents.

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ANNIE: She’s a clothing designer. She designs the most beautiful wedding gowns. That’s her specialty. She’s becoming quite famous, actually. A Princess in Greece just bought one of her gowns.

You know what’s interesting – neither of them ever got married again. Has your… my… our Dad ever been close to remarrying? Mom’s never come close either. You know what this means, don’t you? (leaning in) Secretly, in their innermost heart of hearts, they must still be in love with each other. That’s the way true love works. History’s filled with stories of lovers parted by some silly misunderstanding. Mom can be unbelievably stubborn when she wants to be.

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