‘The Parent Trap’ (Annie): “You want the 411?”

Monologues for Kids from the movie, The Parent Trap

THE PARENT TRAP by David Swift, Nancy Meyers & Charles Shyer

From: Movie

Type: Comedic

Character: Annie James, smart and mischievous, teams up with her long lost twin sister, Hallie, to re-unite their parents.

Gender: Female

Age Range: Kids

Summary: Annie tries to convince Meridith, her dad's girlfriend, that she is just one of many.

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ANNIE: Sprout’s used to strange women riding her. Not that you’re strange or anything. Actually, compared to the others, you seem relatively normal.

You want the 411? The ‘information’… the lowdown on the other women. Can’t say that I blame you. I’d want to know if I was number twenty-eight… I mean… number twenty-nine in a man’s life. I didn’t start counting‘til I was about four. God knows how many there were before then. It’s always the same routine… horseback riding through the vineyards… long romantic dinners with his special reserve label wine… moonlight swims… But I always say, it’s none of my business if a man his age wants to make a fool out of himself. Although, maybe he’s changed and you’re the real thing, Mer.

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