‘The Notebook’ (Noah): “You want to know how I’m doing?”

THE NOTEBOOK by Jeremy Leven

From: Movie

Type: Dramatic

Character: Noah Calhoun is a "poor quarry worker" who falls in love with Allie. After getting caught by her parents, they ban her and Noah from seeing Noah.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's | 30's

Summary: Noah unloads on Allie after not seeing her for seven years.

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NOAH: Am I okay? Seven years ago you walked out of my life without so much as a goodbye, and I never heard from you again. You want to know how I’m doing? I fought in the war. Fin’s dead. That’s how I’m doing. My dad sold his house and we sunk every penny both of us ever had into buying this place and fixing it up, and we did. We built this place with our bare hands. Me, hoping in some crazy way that it would bring you back, but it didn’t. And, now Dad’s dead, too. That’s how I’m doing. And still, even now, after all this time, when I hear a car pull up the driveway, or somebody says my name, or a letter comes, or the phone rings, I get excited, because I think maybe, just maybe, it might be you. But it never is. And now here you are. This ghost, standing in front of me, asking me if I’m okay. Yeah, Allie. I’m just fine. Thanks for stopping by.

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