‘The Early Girl’ (Lana)

The Early Girl monologues

'The Early Girl' by Caroline Kava

From: Play

Type: Comedic

Character: Lana, the vain proprietor of a brothel

Gender: Female

Age Range: 40's

Summary: Set in a small town brothel, Lily has just arrived determined to earn enough to pay her debts as Lana tells her the ways of her new world

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LANA: I understand your doubts. Number One was a windfall for you, Lily. That doesn’t make it any less valid. But it’s why this next month is so important. You’ll prove to yourself, once and for all, that you are indeed Number One, with all your competition in force.

I’m so excited for you. Because I know you’re going to make it. And then! The Requests will start pouring in. Hundreds of requests. You won’t be able to accept them all. But you know something? They’ll wait. They’ll wait for you. Because everyone wants the best, the very best, including Dolly. Well, don’t let me keep you. I know you’ll be spending some time at the bank. Don’t forget to take your diamonds. (Looking in the mirror.) Ah …

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