‘SubUrbia’ (Jeff): “You should get upset!”

Suburbia by Eric Bogosian Monologue

'SubUrbia' by Eric Bogosian

From: Play

Type: Dramatic

Character: Jeff Gallagher, a young man filled with anxiety and thoughts about leaving his hometown.

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20's

Summary: Jeff is, once again, angry about something.

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JEFF: You should get upset! Everyone should get upset. When Hitler was greasing the Jews, people were saying, “Don’t get me upset! You’re bumming me out!” It’s my duty as a human being to get pissed off. Not that it makes any difference in the first place. Nothing ever f—ing changes. Fifty years from now, we’ll all be dead and there’ll be new people standing in this same spot drinking beer and eating pizza, bitching and moaning about the price of Oreos, and they won’t even know we were ever here. And fifty years after that, those suckers will be dust and bones. And then there will more suckers after them. And all these generations of suckers will try to figure out what the f— they were doing on this f—ing planet and they will all be full of s—. It’s all so f—ing futile!

*From the Play

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