‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (Pat): “You’re a better guy than this. I can see it in your eyes”

Silver Linings Playbook monologue

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ by David O. Russell

From: Movie

Type: Dramedy

Character: Patrizio "Pat" Solitano, Jr., a former teacher and recent divorcee

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30's

Summary: After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.

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PAT: Oh, you know. You know. Come on. Sometimes it’s okay with girls like this, they wanna have fun and sometimes it’s not because they got a broken wing, and they’re hurt, and they’re an easy target. And in this case, in this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed. And you gotta make sure it gets mended. And you’re gettin’ in the way of that right now, okay? Because she’s sensitive and she’s smart, she’s artistic. This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that. Come on. Let me walk you down to your car. You’re a better guy than this. I can see it in your eyes.

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